Meet Sue Pemberton -

Sue is accomplished in color chemistry, practical and advanced application, techniques, salon artistry, and fashion while also maintaining a keen sense of real world wearability and practical application.  Her most outstanding achievements are in color, where she is active as an expert, an artist, a leader, a mentor, and an inspiration among her peers and the industry.

Constant with an elevated status in the industry, Sue remains young at heart, down to earth, open-minded, and open-arms to her peers, students, and anyone who shares the same passion for

Headliner at major hair expos around the world, including: ISSE, America’s Beauty Show, the International Beauty Show, Premiere Orlando, Cosmoprof Hong Kong, Canada’s ABA Show, and the Sydney Expo in Australia.  

International Artistic Director for Joico

Vero K-PAK Color.

Creator of the hair color designs for

Joico’s ads, seasonal collections,

corporate imagery, hair and fashion

shows, and magazine photo shoots.

Trainer of Joico’s Artistic & Education

Team worldwide since 2001 to

present day.

Rewards and Recognitions:

2 - Time NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards) award winner in the Hair Color Category in 2007 and 2013, and seven-time nominee: 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010. Also 2012 two time nominee for Hair Color and Editorial Category.  

Listed as 1 of 50 in the book; “top 50 hairstylists” by Rick Morton, ranked 24 in the top 40 in the world for Platform Artists, and also ranked as 14 in the world for Colorists by BE magazine.

Extensive coverage in every top trade publication worldwide, including Modern Salon, American Salon, Behind The Chair, Estetica,  Launchpad, Colorist, Australian Hairdressers Journal, Irish Hairdresser, and Hairdressers Journal UK and South Africa.

JOICO Artistic & Education Team

Awards & Recognitions Trained in

Hair Color by Sue Pemberton:

NAHA North American Hairstyling Awards:

2010 Chrystofer Benson  winner Hair Color Category (Past JOICO Artist)

2012 Chad Demchuck winner Hair Color Category (Current JOICO Artist)

Canadian Hairstyling Awards:

2004 Kelley Hunter winner Manitoba (Past JOICO Artist)

2006 Kelley Hunter winner Manitoba (Past JOICO Artist)

2007 Shannon Simmonds winner British Columbia (Current JOICO Artist)

2007 Eve Parr winner Quebec (Past JOICO Artist)

2010 Chad Taylor winner British Columbia (Current JOICO Artist)

2010 Chad Taylor winner Canadian Hairstylist of the year (Current JOICO Artist)

2012 Chad Taylor winner British Columbia (Current JOICO Artist)

Artist Celebrity Achievements:

Tabatha Coffey BRAVO’S “Salon Take Over” & “Shear Genius” stylist favorite (Past JOICO Artist)

Anthony Morrison BRAVO’S “Shear Genius Winner” Episode One (Current JOICO Artist)

                                                     the craft, regardless of recognition.  She is always innovative, always learning, and always looking to expand on her knowledge and practice of the craft.


Originally from the UK and a Color Professional for over 25 years.

Sue Says…

“I like to have a signature practice that stands out when it comes

to color.  I like vivid colors but also beautifully executed colors,

regardless of how vivid they are, it is well done, beautiful, and


“I am always seeking ways to be more creative and one step

ahead... what’s next, what’s the next level for me and the stylist

and team I share knowledge with.  I love my artistry and craft...

and I love what I do... and I love sharing knowledge, wether it is

for the stylists or international team of platform artists, I truly love

what I do and have a true passion for my artistry and the industry. 

I am always seeking ways to be more creative and to produce

innovative hair color.”  

Sue Believes…

“To be a first-class color artist, first you must thoroughly master the fundamental laws of color.  Then you can break the rules and have more creative freedom and fun!”